Paul Ganster
email: paul dot ganster at gmail dot com
location: Boulder, NY
about Paul: Some call me The Baron. I am the leader of the glorious Seventh Reich. I am small, brown, psychic, and a cat. As I am your pious ruler, I demand your obedience and servitude, and harsh taxes. In return for your subservience and loyalty, I will see to it that your plebian lives are relatively comfortable. I have instructed my slave legions to construct apartment complexes out of discarded cardboard boxes. You will live in these, and you will like it. Or, you can try your luck in the ghetto. My grandiose Imperial Palace was expensive, so we had to cut corners and scrimp and save in order to build your dwellings. But you don't mind, do you? If you have any complaints about the way things are going, please get in line for one of our many fabulous Death Camps or Torture Prisons, or McDonald's.

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